Be Love Education’s mission is to support individuals in making empowered decisions about improving their overall health and wellness by educating them and giving them the tools to operate from a place of Love



Ayanna is a caring and nurturing woman who has always felt a calling to empower young children.  Ayanna has worked with children through out her life, volunteering ad babysitting when she was young and then becoming a elementary school teacher.  In 2016, she decided to fulfill yet another desire of hers that she had since she was about 11 years old when she attended the birth of her little brother along side her mother.  Witnessing the magic of childbirth was something Ayanna wanted to witness again and again, but even more so, it was something that she wanted to support and coach mothers through.  Ayanna is now a trained and certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and also a certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Instructor.  Yes, she loves fitness too!  Her passion for fitness was rekindled in 2012, when she decided to run her first marathon.  She fell back in Love with her body and made new commitments to maintaining optimal health and wellness, which included making the switch from vegetarian to a full on plant-based lifestyle.  Ayanna is passionate about her work of serving others– whether it’s teaching children, empowering birth decisions, or leading a community wellness classes, Ayanna knows that she is walking in her purpose as she involves all of her passions into the meaningful and needed work of Be Love Education.

For more information or to set up a free consultation call 757-655-1289 or email  Looking forward to serving you!

Hampton Roads, VA



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