Doulas are unique birth workers who are present before, during, and after birth to support mama and baby, as well as mama’s partner. Be Love Ed. believes that birth is one of the most magical, yet natural processes to take place on this earth.  Be Love Education’s Birth and Postpartum services prioritize the care of the mama.  Uniquely, Ayanna focuses on fitness and wellness during pregnancy and postpartum, offering plant-based nutrition as well as exercises to strengthen muscles, especially the core and pelvic floor.  Ayanna provides services for natural births, medicated births, cesarean births,  home births, hospital births (essentially all births)!  It is never my job to choose what is best for you, but instead I help empower mamas to choose the best decision for their family, their bodies, and their baby.– Be Love Ed. is here for you!


Find the Be Love Ed. Doula Package that fits your needs

EMPOWERED BIRTH PACKAGE: 2 prenatal appointments, active labor & birth, 1 postpartum appointment

Support devising a birth plan, preparing materials for labor, assistance setting up for baby’s arrival, preparing for birth healing and recovery, pelvic floor and core exercises, access to books from my lending library, research based-information to help empower your birthing choices, baby positioning, and more!

MAMA LOVE POSTPARTUM PACKAGE: 8 hours of  postpartum support and 4 postpartum fitness sessions

Postpartum Support: Assisting with schedules, light cleaning around the house, preparing plant-based nutritious meals, caring for baby while mama handles things and cares for herself, running small errands, postpartum rehabilitation and healing, and more!

Postpartum Fitness: One on one fitness coaching to assist with rehabilitating the body and also to calm the mind during the postpartum period. Combining methods from different fitness modalities, Ayanna will design unique sessions to increase strength, flexibility, and balance with a strong focus on rehabilitating the abdominal muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor, and maintaining a healthy posture.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE: 2 prenatal appointments, 4 prenatal fitness sessions, active labor & birth,  4 postpartum support hours, 2 postpartum fitness sessions

A beautiful and very supportive discounted package filled with a combination of birth and postpartum doula support, as well as fitness sessions for the prenatal and postpartum period.


Choose from a menu of home cooked plant-based items full of nutritional value, which is perfect for the days leading up to birth or during the postpartum period.


4hr min if purchased separately from a package


4 session minimum if purchased separately from a package

LOSS SUPPORT (Free–love donations accepted)

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss/miscarriage, still birth, or the loss of an infant and need help processing or connecting to local resources, please contact Ayanna.


Not sure if you can afford a doula??

Ayanna is committed to serving families, no matter your income range.  Here are some options to make doula care more affordable and more feasible to pay for:

  1. Payment Plans: Every family has the option to use a payment plan that can be designed to fit your family’s budget.
  2. Sliding Scale: Based on your income, you may be eligible to receive a reduced payment plan.
  3. Teenage Mothers: Ayanna provides labor support for mamas under the age of 20 for zero cost.  Donations for the Labor of Love are accepted.
  4. Insurance Reimbursement: There are a number of insurance companies who cover birth doula support.  Ayanna will have a packet prepared especially for you to submit to your insurance provider.