Be Love Education believes that children are incredible human beings, whom not only have the power to learn and grow immensely, but also to be teachers themselves. The Love for learning and the Love for Self starts as early as the womb. To support life long learners and self-development, Be Love Ed. partners with families, early child care centers, and community organizations in an effort to impact children in a profoundly positive manner. The mission of our Early Childhood Programs is to have children begin and matriculate through their formal schooling years enthusiastic about learning and equipped to succeed academically, emotionally, physically, and socially, whether parents plan to have them in public, private, or home school. Be Love Education specializes in working with children from their toddler years until 2nd grade.  


Young Reader’s Academy

A balanced literacy program designed to help students enter into Kindergarten as emergent readers or above.

Phonics and Phonological Awareness 

A strong phonics foundation can drastically support children on their path to become fluent readers. Be Love Ed. uses research-based and engaging strategies that will heighten their phonics skills– learning digraphs, word families, onset and rime, blends, and much more!

Fitness Play

Children work in partners or in small groups to challenge and encourage each other during coordinated exercises.

Little Love Yogis

Little Love Yogis combines simple yoga poses with child-friendly mantras to promote mindfulness, social-emotional development, and kindness.